Boat Museum

The journey through the lagoon of Aveiro.

On board the Lancha da Costa Nova (motorboat), in operation since 1945, discover the old and current cod fishing vessels and the formerly large Shipbuilding Shipyards. You can also glimpse the Forte da Barra, the Ship Museum Santo André, the Jardim Oudinot, the São Jacinto Air Base, the Parish of São Jacinto and the Farol da Barra.

Preço: 20€
Duração: 3hrs

Saltpans of Aveiro

Whether in group or individual, we organize the best guided Tours to the Aveiro’s Salt Works.

The visit to the Salt fields, lasts approximately 60 minutes and is accompanied by a Professional guide that will explain all the history, tradition and secrets behind the salt pans. In addition to the connection between past and present, you will learn about the process, methods and traditional tools used to harvest the salt, the fauna and flora, as well as all the work of the most important character of this space: The “Marnoto”.


Preço: 4€
Duração: 60min


One of the main points of interest are the salt fields complexes (active and non-active), which attract a great diversity of water birds. Waders, herons, cormorants and grebes are the most common. The interest of these places varies depending on the time of the year and the time of day, with typically the best seasons being autumn and winter and the best time of day is during high tide. To the north of the Aveiro lagoon (land access).

Visit includes Binoculars, Guide to shorebirds and accompaniment by an ornithologist guide.

Preço: since 25€
Duração: (to match)

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