Passeios Pedestres

Walking Tours continue to be the best alternative to get to know the city. With passages through the historic center, the typical neighborhood of Beira-Mar and the main squares and gardens, you will have the opportunity and the experience to discover a city with millenarian traditions.


  • Beira-Mar
  • Religious
  • Historic Center/Downtown
  • PubCrawl

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Price: since €3/pax
Duration: (1hr or 2hrs)

Moliceiro boat trip

Discover the city, through its urban channels, aboard a secular boat, the Moliceiro.  Tour with a guide that will explain the whole history of the city from the umbilical link of the city to its channels.

Specials prices for groups – (see more)

Price: 13€ (CHD 6€)
Duration: 45min

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Tuk-Tuk Aveiro

A unique, ecological and perhaps romantic adventure through the emblematic streets, gardens and squares! With electric tuk-tuk´s at your disposal and accompanied by guides who live and love this city, embark with us on this unique Tour, through places where the boat cannot reach and the legs cannot reach.

Our suggestions:

  • Beach Tour
  • Historic Center
  • Aveiro Flavours

Price: 15€
Duration: 1hr

Aveiro Flavours Tour

With AveiroExperiences you can get to know the city combining history and tradition with its flavors and aromas. Accompanied by a guide who knows the local gastronomy, this tour goes through the main tasting houses, pastures and places where people from Aveiro live together and enjoy the beautiful city of Aveiro.

With possibility of including lunch / dinner.

Price: since 12€
Duration: (to match)

Art Nouveau Tour

Come and discover Aveiro, for its Art Nouveau.

Pedestrian walk accompanied by a guide, passing through the “Arte Nova Museum”, and through more than a dozen Arte Nova buildings, with all the regional characteristics present.

Price: since 7€*
Duration: 1hr or 2 hrs

Comboio Turístico

Come and ride the most beautiful tourist train in the city, accompanied by a guide who will have a whole of explanation for each point. Pass through the most interesting places in the city, not forgetting the salt navies and the architectural complex of the University of Aveiro.

Route – (here)

Price: 8€/pax (CHD 5€)
Duration: 45min

Peddy Paper

Starting from the ancient secrets that surround the city of Aveiro, and counting on the streets, alleys and corners of the cities, participate in this different way of getting to know Aveiro. Game adapted to groups of friends, family, company groups or groups with special needs.

(Peddy Paper Experimentaveiro)

Price: since €2
Duration: 1hr or more

Workshop Ovos Moles

Learn how to make Sweet Eggs with one who knows. Visit a place of manufacture of Ovos Moles, the typical sweet of Aveiro, learn how they are made and all the historical surroundings of these conventual sweets. Without missing the final test and the tasting of the candy.

Price: 5€
Duration: 45min

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